FMI Add-On for NI VeriStand & LabVIEW

The FMI Add-on for NI VeriStand® allows to use in NI VeriStand® and LabVIEW® models developed with modeling tools that export model as FMI for co-simulation.


FMU Import

This video shows how to import and execute FMU models, created with third parties simulation tools, into NI VeriStand and LabVIEW. In this video we used a multiphysic system of a 6DOF robot arm modeled with Dymola from Dassault Systèmes.

Physical models are key components in development of control systems. Modeling languages such as Modelica are commonly used to develop accurate simulation models of systems in a wide range of domains, including mechanics, electronics, and thermodynamics.

The FMI add-on for NI VeriStand®  & LabVIEW® links state of the art Modelica-compliant tools, including Dymola and Simulation environments that support or plan to support FMI ( ) to NI VeriStand and LabVIEW.

Key Features

  • Import and simulation of Functional Mock-up Units (FMUs) in NI VeriStand and LabVIEW
  • You can deploy project with FMUs models in RT Target
  • Support for FMI for Co-Simulation 1.0
  • Support for FMI for Model Exchange 1.0 with fixed step solvers: Explicit Euler, Heun, Explicit Runge-Kutta IV Order, …
  • Support for FMI 2.0 for both Model Exchange and Co-Simulation


FMI Add-on for NI VeriStand for HiL Simulation – Paper presented at Modelica Conference 2012 –  FMI standard official website


Model Parameters import

FMI Target Installation on NI RT PXI


HW/SW Requirements

Version 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 of NI VeriSTand or 2013, 2014 of LabVIEW with Model Interface Toolkit is required to install FMI Add-On for NI VeriStand  & LabVIEW, apart from that this software shares the same compatibilities and requirements of the VeriStand and/or LabVIEW version you have installed on your machine.

Real-Time target of the FMI Add-On for NI VeriStand & LabVIEW requires Pharlap OS (LVRT) on the host target to be installed.

Technical Support

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